Tennessee Titans 2022 NFL Draft grade: Chance Campbell

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /

The Tennessee Titans spent the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft by finding and adding special teams players from SEC schools within a stone’s throw of Nissan Stadium.

Was Ole Miss linebacker Chance Campbell worth the team’s final pick?

Here’s what that means if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan

The Tennessee Titans have two great starting linebackers in David Long Jr. and Zach Cunningham, and they also have their first linebacker off of the bench in Monty Rice. In that sense, there really isn’t a need for a linebacker…unless they are a special teams fit.

Two great indicators for whether a linebacker projects to be a good special teams player in the NFL is to look at athleticism and how well they tackle in college.

In his lone season in the SEC, Chance Campbell finished in the top-5 in tackles (109) so that is a gold star. What really makes him intriguing is his athletic profile:

That is a spectacular profile for a linebacker and he does show up on tape more than you might think. Despite playing off-ball linebacker, Campbell was third on his team in sacks (6) and second in forced fumbles (3), in his lone season of SEC play.

In fact, when you take a closer look you could start to picture him being the next Jayon Brown or David Long. Now, we are a long way from that at this point, but it is hard to dismiss that too quickly because Jon Robinson really doesn’t miss on Day 3 linebackers.

At the very least he can help on special teams and add depth to a group that lost their third and fourth linebackers this offseason.

What did the Tennessee Titans miss out on?

Special teams/developmental prospects are king for the Titans in the sixth round this year, and that isn’t a bad place to invest late picks. The good news for Tennessee is that they can start working the phones now and start making offers to UDFAs.

Is that against the rules? Yes. Is it something that everyone is doing anyway? Yes.

Grade: B+