What if the Tennessee Titans are forced to trade A.J. Brown?

Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

Let me start off by saying, I do not want the Tennessee Titans to trade A.J. Brown and I think there is a 99% chance that A.J. Brown is a Tennessee Titan for a long time.

The only reason this is being written is that this is being called the most unpredictable draft in history and crazy things are going to happen.

The Titans have made it clear they want to keep the standout wide receiver long-term. The most likely scenario is a new deal for Brown post-June 1 when the Julio Jones release creates $9,513,000 of available cap room.

What if Jon Robinson and company are unable to get the deal done, or A.J. becomes frustrated? If the Titans can add multiple picks in Thursday’s NFL draft should they consider a trade?

3 teams with the ammo to tempt the Tennessee Titans

Green Bay Packers trade: picks 22 (1st round), 53 (2nd), 132 (4th), 2023 Round 3 & 6

Tennessee Titans trade: A.J. Brown

This trade is similar to the Tyreek Hill return. The Titans would add a second-round one pick in the twenties, and the second-round pick they are missing from the Julio Jones trade. The Titans would be in an excellent position to add two wide receivers from what is considered to be a very deep class in the first 90 selections. Also, the chances of drafting a day one starter at offensive line become a reality with two first-round picks.

Treylon Burks, Zion Johnson, and George Pickens would be a nice haul with those picks.

 New York Jets trade: picks 10 (1st), pick 38 (2nd), 117 (4th), 2023 Round 4

Tennessee Titans trade: A.J. Brown, pick 219 (6th)

If the Titans can add a top 10 pick, and a second-round pick in the top 40 could change the shape of the Titans’ future. The tenth pick could potentially see the Titans draft the first quarterback from the board.

Does Malik Willis, or the top QB prospect on the Titans draft board, become more enticing knowing extra picks can be used for two top ten wide receivers? Drafting one of the best offensive linemen in the class or a lockdown cornerback also becomes real with pick ten as well.

Philadelphia Eagles trade: picks 15 (1st), 18 (1st), 83 (3rd), 154 (5th), 2023 Round 4

Tennessee Titans trade: AJ Brown, pick 26 (1st)

The front office would be tooled with ten total picks in this trade.

The Titans could use the extra picks to trade up for a second-round pick, or higher into the top 10 of the first round. If the Titans started the process of replacing AJ Brown potentially adding two of the top 5 wide receivers in the class would be a start. The team could also find value in the depth of the offensive line class with four picks between rounds 3 and 4.

While I would still prefer to keep an elite receiver like A.J. Brown, if a trade has to happen this is what a deal would need to look like.