The only 7 players that the Tennessee Titans can draft in the first round

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Tennessee Titans’ dream picks

These are players that have one or two reasons why they might fall, but they are more than likely going to go early in the draft. Every year we see talented players drop into the late teens and early 20s, but it is going to be hard to see any of these guys fall to 26 without a Laremy Tunsil incident.

All of these players have clear strengths and would be a big upgrade for the Titans, but I am going to make an argument on why they could possibly fall.

1. Drake London WR, USC

The only reason why London isn’t on the list of players guaranteed to get drafted in the top-10 is that he didn’t get a chance to run his 40. In fact, he did positional drills during his Pro Day and didn’t do his 40, which is going to make everyone assume that he would have run a time that would have made scouts and GMs nervous.

On tape, he can win at every level of the field so speed has never been an issue in his game, but in a class where the WRs tested really well in Indianapolis, there is a very small chance that teams could pick the prospect that they have more information on.

2. Garrett Wilson WR, Ohio State

Wilson and London are going to fight for the top receiver spot, but there are reports that Jameson Williams is the top receiver on some team’s boards. There is a world where London and Williams are the first receivers off of the board teams like the Green Bay Packers refuse to draft receivers that don’t meet certain size standards.

Wilson is shorter, he had more drops and fewer TDs than his teammate Chris Olave. What makes that sting even more is that you could argue that neither Wilson nor Olave was the best receiver on their team last year. It is highly unlikely, but you can find ways to convince yourself that Wilson isn’t as good as some of the other receivers in this class.

3. Jameson Williams WR, Alabama

Despite reports that he is the top receiver in this class, it wouldn’t be the first time that we have seen teams terrified to take a risk on an injured player. Half of the teams in the NFL passed on Jeffery Simmons in 2019 because of a torn ACL, is Jameson Williams a better prospect than Simmons even when he really only has one year of elite production?