2022 NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans trade with Cincinnati Bengals

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Knoxville News-Sentinel)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Knoxville News-Sentinel) /
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Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2022 NFL Draft is nearly two weeks away and it is anyone’s guess what the Tennessee Titans will do.

When you look at their visits and Pro Day attendance you can see that they are casting a wide net. Tennessee has had a presence at nearly every Pro Day that featured a top-10 wide receiver as well as spending a lot of time scouting offensive linemen.

However, just when you think you have them pinned down they throw in a random visit with QB Malik Willis or EDGE Jermaine Johnson and it muddles the entire process. Based on what we know about the Titans and how secretive they are, that is probably the point, but it doesn’t make it any less aggravating.

One thing that we can infer is that the Tennessee Titans are probably looking to trade down and get more draft picks if that is possible. The question is, which team could make sense as a trade-down partner?

Well, Joe Goodberry is the Cincinnati Bengals expert and he really likes the idea of drafting Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum. So much so that he suggested trading up to get him, and he made a strong argument for why the Bengals could offer the 31st and 95th pick to get up to near the Titans’ selection.

So, what would a Tennessee Titans 4-round mock draft look like if they made this trade and ended up with another pick in the third round? Here is a mock from the Mock Draft Machine on TDN that should make fans extremely happy.