For the last time, the Tennessee Titans aren’t trading A.J. Brown

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

It is a little embarrassing that this even needs to be addressed, but the Tennessee Titans have absolutely no intention of trading A.J. Brown.

Not only that, but they don’t even want to pick up the phone if you might ask them about A.J. Brown.

And before the next fake source/rumor/etc. pops up, A.J. Brown doesn’t want to go anywhere either. That is something that is pretty obvious if you have ever seen him talk about his team or if you follow him on Twitter.

When these rumors first started circulating, the Tennessee Titans’ official website featured an article with the title: “Titans GM Jon Robinson: ‘A.J. is a Titan and We Want to Keep A.J. a Titan.'”

Despite that, several people close to the team acknowledging that this isn’t a real story, and…you know, common sense, the rumors still persisted. Finally, Dianna Russini tweeted that the Titans weren’t shopping A.J. Brown forcing those rumors to die down.

This is going to happen often Tennessee Titans fans

Tennessee Titans fans should get used to this attention because once a team is filled with talented players, these rumors start floating around. Sometimes it is from the agents trying to get their clients more money, but most often it is just clickbait.

Don’t be surprised if the same “rumors” pop up again with guys like Jeffery Simmons or Kristian Fulton down the line.

After years of drafting well and building winning teams, Jon Robinson has stacked the Tennessee Titans roster with some unique players. Not many teams have young players like Brown, Simmons, Fulton, Harold Landry, or Derrick Henry, and with trades happening now more than ever, it is easy to throw out the idea of “cap space concerns” as a reason for a potential trade.

Another thing that makes the Titans easy targets is that Jon Robinson isn’t going to overpay just to keep things quiet. Go back and look at how he handled the Harold Landry and Derrick Henry situations, he wants to wait as long as possible to try to get the best deal for the Tennessee Titans.

At the end of the day, Titans fans are going to have to learn to be as patient as their GM because smart teams don’t rush into things, they work at their own pace to make sure that they aren’t forced into bad decisions.

For now, take solace in the fact Jon Robinson has let guys walk in the past and he has looked right nearly every time. Likewise, when he re-signs players to big deals he has nailed those decisions as well.

Robinson has earned a long leash as a decision-maker, so don’t let fake rumors get to you.