Why the Tennessee Titans offseason has clearly been a success

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images) /

The Tennessee Titans are having one of the best offseasons that their franchise has had in a long time. It started with the extension to Harold Landry, and since then, things have only continued to go well.

Some of the noteworthy moves include bringing back Ben Jones, signing Austin Hooper to fill the tight end need, re-signing Dontrell Hilliard, Teair Tartt, and Buster Skrine for depth at their positions, and trading for Robert Woods after officially cutting Julio Jones.

All of the moves seem well thought out and financially reasonable, and they might not be finished. Now the Tennessee Titans are in a position where they have the draft coming up and only need a few more players to round out their offense for the 2022 season.

Even after all the additions, you could argue that the best thing that the Titans have done this offseason is reaffirming that they are a team that players want to play for around the NFL, despite people crying about the quarterback position.

Tennessee Titans yet again show strong culture

Something that has become clear over the last two offseasons is that the Tennessee Titans have become a destination for players in the NFL.

The best way to show that is by looking at the deals for Harold Landry and Robert Woods.

For all the great things Landry said about the Titans and how thankful he is that they believe in him, coming back showed that he believes in the team every bit as much. With him not being franchise-tagged, he had the opportunity to walk in free agency and get as much money as he believed he was worth.

But he stayed in Tennessee for less money because he believes in his teammates, his coaches, and he believes that they can win. Throughout the process, both Landry and Jon Robinson seemed confident that a deal would get done, and there was never any drama from either side. That shows that they were always close to a deal and that both parties really believed that staying in Tennessee was smart for everyone.

Trading for Woods was maybe even more indicative of the reputation that the Titans have. For one thing, if you listen to him talk and look at everything that Los Angeles Rams fans and players have to say about him, you can tell that he is a heart-and-soul guy who has a real chance to become a huge favorite in the Titans community.

But more importantly, you can tell just how much he wanted to come to Tennessee. In his first press conference with the team, he mentioned that talking to former members was one of the things that convinced him to want to be traded here, including Josh Reynolds. For someone who was a disappointment for the Titans and was granted a release midseason, that is especially eye-opening.

It is just another indication of how Robinson and Mike Vrabel have transformed this franchise. When you look at other teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers in recent years, they have been known for having selfish players who have brought down the team culture and shown that winning is not at the top of their priorities.

That is a stigma that doesn’t apply at all to the Titans and when you win more games than nearly anyone else in the NFL and your players like playing for you, you are in a good spot.

Would a team without a great culture get Kevin Byard to restructure his contract, twice? Probably not, but he is a leader who wants to win, and he wants to do it with this core. No matter what happens from here on out, there is no denying that the Titans are in good hands with the current state of their organization.