5 big needs the Tennessee Titans have heading into free agency

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4. Center

The reason why this is so low on the list is that it feels like Ben Jones is going to come back and be the anchor for the Titans again this season.

Initially, it felt like there was going to be a big market for a veteran center, but when you go back and look at the deals that older centers have signed over the past decade, you realize that those players are rarely in high demand.

It isn’t hard to see a scenario where the Titans bring back Jones because they love him, and you have to remember exactly what he means to this team.

For GM Jon Robinson, he was the first free agent that he signed after being hired as the Tennessee Titans GM seven years ago. For Mike Vrabel, he is the guy that he points to when he needs an example of players who practice every day and play through pain. For Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and the other skill players, he is that big offensive lineman that does flips and cartwheels in the endzone when they score.

In 95% of his deals, Jon Robinson is pragmatic and looks at value over the other “intangibles” that a player might bring to a team, but this might be one of the rare times where the value that the player brings to the team trumps where other teams might value him.