5 big needs the Tennessee Titans have heading into free agency

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3. Wide Receiver

Of all the positions that the Tennessee Titans need to address this offseason, wide receiver is the one that everyone has their eyes on but no one knows what is coming.

Conventional wisdom says that since wide receiver is the only premium position that the Titans really need, spending a first-round pick there makes sense and is cost-effective. The problem is, the Titans don’t seem to this wide receiver is a premium position.

Under Jon Robinson, the Tennessee Titans spent a first-round pick on Corey Davis in 2017, but that was a draft where they had two first-round picks and they desperately needed a wide receiver in a class where the consensus was that there was a big drop off after the first three players.

In the four drafts since then, Robinson has only drafted one receiver with a top-100 pick and that was A.J. Brown in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft class.

Unless there is a surprising move, the Titans’ top-two receivers are set in stone with A.J. Brown and Julio Jones occupying those roles. In a run-first offense, you have to wonder just how much Tennessee is willing to invest in that position.

Having said all that, I think that this draft is going to fall in a way that makes them feel like they can draft a wide receiver who helps at a “need” position and who is also the best player available regardless of position. With that in mind I don’t expect them to do much in free agency at wide receiver unless there is someone they absolutely love.