Tennessee Titans must sign a free agent wide receiver

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What options do the Tennessee Titans have?

This free-agent class is rich with some big-time players available, a few names come to mind that the Titans ought to shoot for (in no particular order):

1. Michael Gallup:

Speaking of wide receivers who were plagued by injury last year, Gallup is one of the best high-reward options. In terms of getting a potentially long-term and high ceiling addition to pair with AJ Brown for next season and the future on an injury-discounted contract, Michael Gallup is your guy.

2. Christian Kirk:

Kirk might be exactly what the doctor ordered to fix the depth issue. A guy who played the third-highest number of snaps among receivers all year and who can fit in nicely when the Titans want to use a slot receiver and can help provide a vertical deep threat for the play-action-heavy offense.

3. DJ Chark Jr.:

Along the lines of a deep threat, D.J. Chark Jr would be an excellent addition to the Tennessee Titans. In addition to his great speed and size, it is always nice to take one of your division rival’s best players and it has worked with Ben Jones, Denico Autry, Zach Cunningham, and MyCole Pruitt.

4. Russell Gage:

If the price is right, Gage could be a great compliment to the talents of Jones and Brown, and has strong after-the-catch ability. Plus, the connection with Arthur Smith could make this an easier relationship to foster if the Falcons decide to move on from the receiver

5. Sammy Watkins:

Overall Watkins is a great value, especially for someone who could really fit in the Titan’s offense. Coming from a run-heavy offense with the Ravens, Watkins would be a natural addition, deep threat, and financial fit.

6. Jarvis Landry:

In recent days it has become obvious that there is a rift between the Browns and the wide receiver. Landry would be a higher-profile signing than the Titans tend to aim for but would be a great addition given how similar the Browns offense is. Of the options available, Landry would be the best run blocker that the Titans could sign, but you have to wonder if Landry is hoping to join a more pass-heavy offense after his largely disappointing foray with the Browns.

(Bonus) Mike Gesicki:

Yes, we are including Gesicki in this wide receiver conversation, his talents are wide receiver-esque and he spent enough time split out wide in the Dolphin’s offense that I am happy to include him. This is a no-brainer for the Titans, immediate improvement for the offense with a versatile weapon.

Gesicki is a big, strong, productive pass-catcher who can play out wide or on the line and he will come as a cheaper option than many of the true wide receivers available. Gesicki would be the highest value addition to the offense and would provide a much-needed new wrinkle to an offense that looked stale by the end of the season. I believe Gesicki is where the Titan’s should look first out of everyone else available.

Of course, with the 26th pick in the draft, the Tennessee Titans will have some options to add younger, cheaper talent that way. But, that would be rolling the dice. If they go that route and the decision backfires with a player who is not ready to contribute at a high level and the offense is unlucky enough to have another injury sideline Jones or Brown, or worse, both of them for an extended period of time, we will look back at this list of players available in free agency and wonder what could have been.