Tennessee Titans must sign a free agent wide receiver

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Why is receiver such a big need for Tennessee?

If you could guarantee a healthy season for both Julio Jones and A.J. Brown, then receiver probably wouldn’t be a top-5 need on the Tennessee Titans list. However, the Titans played their worst football when Brown and Jones were both out and that can’t be ignored.

There is a contingent of Julio Jones skeptics who would think the Titans should move on from Jones due to his injury history, but I am not one of those people. Jones proved on multiple occasions this last season that he still has elite one-on-one value.

Also, having Julio Jones in the wide receiver room has a larger intangible value as well, especially when there is a budding superstar like Brown on the roster who has made his admiration of Jones clear. Having Julio Jones will be a benefit for Tennessee next season even at his price tag.

However, what will hurt the team is another year without any depth at wide receiver.

This year, the lack of depth left Tannehill, who already was unsupported by the porous pass blocking and without Derrick Henry in the backfield, with practice squad players becoming his regular targets.

No matter what caliber of quarterback you believe Tannehill to be, that kind of famine of offensive weapons is not going to win games when it matters most.

That means adding a wide receiver who could assume the role behind, or even ahead of, Julio Jones should be one of the Tennessee Titans’ highest priorities.