6 Tennessee Titans that might be cut for cap reasons

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What options make the most sense?

As it stands, the Titans really have two options to choose between. Assuming that none of the deals are reworked, the conservative option is to cut Lamm, Kern, Jenkins, and Saffold. Each one of those players has a backup on the roster that is ready to step up at a much cheaper price.

If that is the way that the Tennessee Titans go, it means that they would end up with $16.5 million in cap space before restructuring other players.

The other option is that they go truly nuclear and they cut everyone on this list. In this scenario, Dillon Radunz steps in at left tackle for Taylor Lewan and someone is brought in through the draft or free agency to start at right tackle.

Zach Cunningham would be gone, but the Titans would still have David Long Jr. and Monty Rice, and Jon Robinson has done an amazing job finding linebackers on Day 3 of the draft.

That option opens up nearly $40 million in cap space and it only opens up needs at right tackle and backup linebacker.

It is going to be very interesting to see what the Titans can do and this isn’t even talking about how players like Derrick Henry and Kevin Byard could get new deals that reduce their cap hit significantly.

So when people talk about the Titans cap situation and what they will do in free agency, remember that the first step will be figuring out which players to cut and which players to keep.