6 Tennessee Titans that might be cut for cap reasons

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /
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Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

Shouldn’t get cut…but maybe

5. Zach Cunningham, LB ($10.4 million)

The starting linebackers for the Tennessee Titans next year should be Zach Cunningham and David Long Jr. with Monty Rice coming off of the bench. It would be great if mock drafts would stop looking at Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown like they were studs that the Titans defense would be lost without and instead look at them as placeholders who were replaced by better versions of themselves.

However, due to how Cunningham got to Nashville, he is working on a deal that is essentially a 3 year/$35 million contract with $0 guaranteed.

I don’t think that the Titans are happy with his cap hit and I don’t think that he is happy with $0 guaranteed. The simple option is to rework his deal to lower his cap hit and add some guaranteed money, but it isn’t impossible that Tennessee just cuts him because they can’t agree on a number.

6. Taylor Lewan, LT ($12.9 million)

This is the big one right?

Here is the thing, on his contract Lewan would likely enter the season as the 14th highest-paid tackle in the NFL. I would argue that he is a top-15 tackle and that he is going to play much better next year after being a full year removed from his ACL injury.

However, his inability to stay healthy has to be terrifying to Jon Robinson and the front office. He famously hasn’t stayed healthy for a full season since 2018 and he has only played in 30 out of 49 games over the last three years.

Dillon Radunz looked good when he was asked to step in for Lewan this season and he held Nick Bosa in check when they were matched up together. You have to assume that another year with NFL training instead of North Dakota State training will make him even better.

Could Vrabel and Robinson cut someone that is the voice of the locker room and who isn’t even really that overpaid? I think a re-worked deal makes the most sense but if they can’t get that done then there is a world where Taylor Lewan isn’t in Nashville next season.