5 Tennessee Titans who could hit statistical milestones this season

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Tennessee Titans milestones

In the past, December has been a time where Tennessee Titans fans have focused on stat totals and players to build around instead of wins and playoff matchups.

Luckily for the fan base, better days are here and everyone is focusing on the forest instead of the trees. Still, that doesn’t mean that Titans fans shouldn’t take a second and praise players who are on pace for great seasons.

You can insert the standard Mike Vrabel quote here about how it doesn’t matter about the individual, it is all about team success. To a degree those quotes are true, but this season has proven that the Tennessee Titans need a collective effort from everyone AND stars to have outstanding seasons.

There aren’t many surprises on this list (except maybe #4 and #5), but if you have been living under a rock or if you are involved in the Pro Bowl selection, there is a good chance that you are oblivious to some of these great seasons.

Given that A.J. Brown is the talk of the town this week and he is finally getting recognition as the elite receiver that he is, let’s start with the former Ole Miss star.