Analyzing the Tennessee Titans’ 14 impending free agents

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Geoff Swaim, TE

Swaim has been fine at best, but more often than not he isn’t a good blocker and he doesn’t seem to provide an upgrade in the passing game over any other tight end. Despite being given a big opportunity by this coaching staff, he really never stepped in and looked like a factor.

Jayon Brown, LB

This is going to be hard for some fans to read, but Jayon Brown has been the Titans’ third-best off-ball linebacker this year.

Nagging injuries and just general confusion in the passing game have made him more of a liability than an asset. Last year the staff was comfortable letting him walk until both parties settled on a $5 million contract.

Going forward, the Titans starting linebackers should be David Long and Monty Rice, along with another Day 3 rookie.

Rashaan Evans, LB

You probably noticed that Evans wasn’t on that list of future linebackers, but I don’t think he or the Titans coaching staff really think this is a fit anymore.

Not only does Evans struggle in pass defense, but he also struggles to find the ball in the run game. What is worse is he struggles to get to the ball and make the tackle when he does find it. Maybe it is best for everyone that he got banged up after a couple of nice performances against the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

With a big name and a good draft pedigree, someone will sign him to a deal in the offseason.