Analyzing the Tennessee Titans’ 14 impending free agents

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14 key decisions for the Tennessee Titans

After the Tennessee Titans spent the better part of November limping to the finish line, the bye week has finally come and gone.

As Titans fans stop looking backward and start looking to the rest of the season, now is as good of a time as any to look at who the key players are on this roster going forward.

I’m not talking about players that will be here for the long haul like Ryan Tannehill and Jeffery Simmons, what I am talking about is which players are doing enough to prove that they deserve new deals from Tennessee This offseason.

Right now there are 14 players who are going to be free agents after this season that have played 25% or more of the snaps this season.

As far as I am concerned, these 14 players fall into one of four categories.

1. No-brainers: It doesn’t matter how much money they want (within reason) the Titans should figure out a deal.

2. Guys you would love to have back: Starting quality players who have earned a new deal as long as they don’t pull a Jonnu Smith and get some crazy deal.

3. Cost-effective options: These are players that you would let test the open market, but a return may be the best option for both parties.

4. Bye: Obviously these are players who are either going to be too expensive to keep or the Titans shouldn’t consider re-signing them regardless of price.