Realistic NFC trade targets for the Tennessee Titans before the deadline

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Tennessee Titans
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Tennessee Titans trade targets from the Chicago Bears

Akiem Hicks, defensive line

This isn’t the first (or probably the last) time that you will see an article on Titan Sized about how much a player like Akiem Hicks would help this defense.

Lost in the big win vs the Kansas City Chiefs last week, is the fact that the Titans are still using guys like Larrell Murchison and Naquan Jones on about half of their snaps. Now, those players deserve to get snaps and they haven’t been a problem for Tennessee’s defense, but that isn’t the issue here.

The issue is that if you are going to be playing against Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, etc. you want to make sure that you have fresh players who can bring pressure up the middle. At this point, I don’t really know how much of a pass rush those young guys are going to give you so why not add Hicks to make this rotation even better?

With the Bears circling the drain, a player like Hicks should be looking for any lifeboat out of Chicago and Tennessee should happily make the rescue.