Harold Landry is the unsung hero of the Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

The Tennessee Titans beat the Buffalo Bills with the whole world watching and they heard Nashville chant “Hen-ry, Hen-ry, Hen-ry” as the clock ticked down to zero.

It has been said before, but Derrick Henry has been on a Hall of Fame pace for two years now and the doubters have been silenced.

Still, it isn’t fair to say that the Tennessee Titans are a team solely driven by Henry. He is a crucial part of the offense, but guys like Ryan Tannehill and A.J. Brown don’t get enough respect considering what they did in the second half of that game.

If it is hard to get recognized in one of the best offenses in the NFL, imagine how frustrating it must be for Harold Landry.

Listening to broadcasts, it is evident that the announcers have taken a cursory look at the names and decided to highlight a few. Like a broken record, Tennessee Titans fans are sure to hear about Jeffery Simmons, Kevin Byard, Rashaan Evans, and Bud Dupree because those are the names casual analysts recognize.

However, it is Harold Landry who is having a career year and who is quickly becoming one of the best EDGEs in the NFL.

How good is the Tennessee Titans’ EDGE?

After Monday night, Landry has 6.5 sacks in 6 games and quick math tells you that he is on pace for a staggering 18.5 sacks this year.

Not only is that an incredible number, but Eldon English pointed out a sad/interesting fact:

That isn’t an exaggeration because if you round that to 19 sacks then it would equal the number of sacks that the entire Tennessee Titans defense accounted for in 2020. The Titans are on pace to double that total in 2021 and that is with Bud Dupree only playing in three games this year.

If you have kept up with this site for a while, then you may remember how aggravating it is that the Titans drop Harold Landry back in coverage so frequently. You might think that Landry’s increased sack production has something to do with the Titans dropping him in coverage less this season…

Unfortunately, you would be wrong because Harold Landry is still dropping into coverage on roughly 21% of the passing downs that he sees.

Harold Landry is overcoming a coaching staff that doesn’t understand how talented he is and his success is a testament to his athletic ability and football IQ. The sky is the limit for him and if he keeps this pace he will set a franchise record for most sacks in a season which is currently held by William Fuller with 15 in 1991.