Tennessee Titans star wide receiver duo gives update on their status

Julio Jones (L), A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)
Julio Jones (L), A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s hard, at times, to accurately predict how an NFL game will play out even if you’ve been watching both teams play for years. By now, your analysis has probably grown past ‘the Tennessee Titans will beat that team because that team also lost to a team that Tennessee has already beaten’. You never know though.

Hang out on social media for a while. You’ll be amazed by what fans come up with. Still, even with all of that being said, we’re still going to put on our prognosticator caps, aren’t we?

Here’s a prediction, one that’s simple yet complex (well, not really). Tennessee’s got two ways to win this one: with long, clock-devouring drives headlined by Derrick Henry or by engaging in the game that the Bills want to play, a game that winds up being a shootout.

Tennessee Titans stars Julio Jones and A.J. Brown offer injury updates.

On the Friday leading up to Tennessee’s game on Monday Night Football versus the mighty Buffalo Bills, both of the Tennessee Titans’ star wide receivers, Julio Jones and A.J. Brown, spoke with the media. As you might expect, some of the conversations were dedicated to their respective injuries and their status for Monday’s game.

No one’s a better source for how the players are feeling than the players themselves, right? Here’s what Julio had to say about the hamstring injury that he’s been dealing with.

"For me, I’m great, it’s just a mental thing… You can’t get distracted from things that happen within a game, but I feel great, did everything I needed to do and I’m ready to go."

A.J. Brown had an opportunity to catch up with the familiar members of Tennessee’s local media as well. Here’s his take on how he’s feeling.

"I want to be out there every snap. I know I’m not there yet. That will come by like Week 10. I’ll play the whole game.. They won’t allow me yet, but whenever I’m in there, I’ve got to do what I got to do, not try to just preserve energy. I’ve got to make plays when I’m in there, I’ve got to be effective."

Julio was a full participant at Titans practice on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It was the same story for A.J.

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Neither man’s gameday status has been determined yet, but for all intents and purposes, it’s looking like both will play. That’s good because all offensive hands will need to be on deck if this is a game that evolves into the aforementioned shootout. We have to be honest though. No one knows how much either man will play or how effective they will be, not even Jones or Brown.