Tennessee Titans should take advantage of the Philadelphia Eagles fire sale

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit:Sports Eagles Seahawks)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit:Sports Eagles Seahawks) /
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Tennessee Titans
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A lot has happened since Thursday Night Football, but the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suddenly seems more important for the Tennessee Titans in a roundabout way.

In a shock to some, the Titans have a better record than the Kansas City Chiefs team that they are hosting this week. Since the Chiefs are behind the 8-ball they have to stack some wins together quickly to keep pace with the AFC West.

While players, coaches, and fans are trying to get ready for that matchup on a short week, GM Jon Robinson has to be the one looking at the bigger picture.

The big picture for this team is trying to figure out how to take a roster that has suffered several injuries and make sure that they are going to be ready to be serious contenders by the time January rolls around.

This is where the Eagles come in because they have (unofficially) started their rebuild by trading Zach Ertz to the Arizona Cardinals.

For context, one trade doesn’t necessarily mean a rebuild. However, the Eagles have a first-year head coach who has time and job security to oversee a rebuild if he wants to pull the trigger now. What makes it even easier for Eagles fans is that the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins traded future 1st round picks to Philly.

That means that as of October 20th, those three picks would all be in the top-10 of the 2022 NFL Draft.

You may remember that former Philadelphia Eagles DC Jim Schwartz is on the Tennessee Titans coaching staff as a Senior Defensive Assistant, which means that Jon Robinson will have a first-hand account of just how valuable some of those veterans are.

So, if the Eagles are ready to start looking toward the 2022 NFL Draft, what players could they be willing to trade away?