Sub-radar Tennessee Titans who stepped up to fuel a Week 5 victory

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Elijah Molden (24) Tennessee Titans,
Elijah Molden (24) Tennessee Titans, Mandatory Credit: Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports /

35. . . . Elijah Molden, defensive back. 24. player

Tennessee Titans defensive back Elijah Molden

We truly live in a microwave society. Rookies are no longer allowed a learning curve. It’s like guys are expected to show up and make immediate impacts at the highest level of football. Just take what you’ve learned from watching the back-and-forth discussions that have occurred in which Elijah Molden was the subject.

Molden received rave reviews during a strong training camp and preseason, but he drew some criticism as well when he went through his growing pains. Go figure.

It’s almost as if fans acknowledge that quarterbacks will have to learn the intricacies of the NFL game, but no one believes that guys who play other positions should receive the same patience.

Elijah Molden was a third-round draft choice, so he was right on the line that separates guys who are supposed to make immediate impacts and the players that teams are hoping can contribute in some capacity (even if the team that took them thinks it’s a longshot).

In Week 5, Molden earned 23 snaps on defense and another seven on special teams. He racked up three solo tackles and forced a fumble that resulted in a score. The eyeball test tells us that he’s got the potential to be good.

He also, whether you prescribe to these things or not, earned the highest grade of any Titans defensive player that played ten snaps or more on Pro Football Focus (92.6). That includes a coverage grade of 92.4 and a tackling grade of 75.8. That, whether you’re a fan of their work or not, has to count for something.