Tennessee Titans implode in Week 4: Twitter reacts

Corey Davis #84, New York Jets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Corey Davis #84, New York Jets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

The game has long been over. There’s no reset button, so there’s absolutely no way to change the result. The Tennessee Titans, in what was supposed to be one of the easy wins on their schedule, walked into MetLife Stadium and laid an egg versus the New York Jets.

This one feels like some sort of weird karma took over, like the Titans supernaturally were paid back for something they did wrong years ago. We can’t call it a bad dream because we all saw it.

Here’s the best that we can do to describe how disappointing this one was. If you recorded this game on your DVR, whether you were a Titans or a Jets fan, you no doubt did so because you expected a Titans victory.

And if by chance, you had done all that you could to avoid hearing the final score and someone spoiled the outcome for you before you made it home anyway, you might have still gone home and turned the game on with the expectation that you were lied to and the Titans somehow avoided a loss to a bad football team with a rookie quarterback and head coach.

This was a three-hour nightmare that played out on television.

Here are some reactions from Tennessee Titans Nation on social media.

As you might expect, the Twitterverse and just about every other social media outlet has been on the verge of a Titan Sized explosion (pun intended) as Tennessee falls to a 2-2, .500 record at the end of the first month of the NFL season. Here are some of the best tweets following the loss.

Here’s one from our friends at Horsehoe Heroes, FanSided’s site that is dedicated exclusively to Indianapolis Colts content.

Here are e few more.

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For the emotional health of this entire fan base, we move to shorten the 24-hour rule. The sooner this team can move on from this loss and focus on their upcoming game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars the better. The question is this.

What can we expect in that one? Derrick Henry is amazing. Ryan Tannehill is one tough son of a gun, but raise your hand if you have no idea who this team is anymore.