Derrick Henry earns yet another Angry Runs Scepter from GMFB

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

If the title sounds like Derrick Henry is some kind of Indiana Jones character raiding a lost ark for rare thousand-yardage treasure, allow us to explain. The Tennessee Titans RB recently earned special honors from the folks over at Good Morning Football for his blistering run in Week 3.

Henry catches the ball. Henry runs. Henry sends Colts’ linebacker Darius Leonard flying. You know how it goes.

Now, Kyle Brandt of GMFB hosts a weekly segment in which he nominates a player (most likely a running back) to win the ‘Angry Runs Scepter’. This player will have dazzled the NFL world with some crazy, incredible running play that makes him worthy of receiving the aforementioned scepter.

Brandt claims the scepter is the equivalent to the Oscars of Hollywood, which seems a bit far-fetched. But Brandt is hell-bent on including Meryl Streep as much as possible in this segment, so he rolls with it.

Check out the hype video below:

For ease of navigation: 0:22 is when Brandt shows Henry’s run, 0:36 is when Brandt compares Henry and Leonard to Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren (don’t ask us why), and 1:25 is when Brandt asks his table of co-hosts for their thoughts on the matter.

Does Henry deserve this highly coveted “Angry Runs Scepter”?

Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry gets nominated for imaginary prize and wins

Henry’s Week 3 performance is compared with that of Minnesota Vikings RB Alexander Mattison who replaced an injured Dalvin Cook. Mattison exploded against the Seattle Seahawks, posting 112 rushing yards on 26 carries and adding 59 receiving yards on six catches.

As each of his co-hosts voiced their opinions, Brandt continued to infuse the conversation with his tailgating, Red Bull-guzzling energy.

One said, “I got Alexander Mattison.” Brandt yelled back, “MATTISON!”

Another said, “I gotta go with the king.” Brandt yelled, “GO WITH THE KING!”

Brandt paces the room waving his plastic scepter like a Neanderthal whooping around a fire and banging a club. If you forgot to drink coffee this morning, this video ought to do the trick.

Ultimately, his co-hosts picked Mattison as the more impressive rusher in Week 3, but the final say still went to Brandt. In melodramatic fashion, Brandt makes one last Streep reference — “It’s Sophie’s Choice and it’s Kyle’s choice,” how clever — before crowning Henry as the “Angry Run” winner.

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To cut through all the B.S.: Mattison was great in his first start of the season, but Henry, being Henry, was better.

We could care less about how many scepters Henry wins as long as he keeps up the production week in and week out. On a side note, if Derrick Henry ever needs a personal hype man, Kyle Brandt would do a fantastic job.