Tennessee Titans zany stats as we approach Week 3

Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Tennessee Titans’ 2021 NFL season hasn’t started off in the manner that most of us expected, but there’s been quite a bit to celebrate so far. For instance, there’s Week 2’s game versus the Seattle Seahawks, one that ended in dramatic come-from-behind fashion.

The game broke a 62-game losing streak when Tennessee was down by fourteen or more points in the fourth quarter.

The Titans have Derrick Henry to thank for three second-half touchdowns, the final of which assured that he unsurprisingly topped the totals of all running backs in Week 2. Henry notched 182 rushing yards, and did we mention that 160 of those yards came after contact?

You read that correctly. Dalvin Cook was the NFL’s second-leading rusher in Week 2 as he finished his day’s work with 130 rushing yards for the Minnesota Vikings.

But wait, there’s more. Titans reporter Jim Wyatt also pointed out a few records Henry broke in his monster Week 2 performance:

We knew Henry would make history this season, but this early on? Week 3 is coming up, and it doesn’t seem like Henry is taking a break anytime soon.

Henry does, after all, have the best odds of non-quarterbacks to win league MVP in 2021. He’s currently tied with rival Christian McCaffrey at +5000, which we realize is a needle in a haystack compared to perennial greats Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, or even Lamar Jackson.

Crazy stats don’t begin to describe the Tennessee Titans’ start to the season.

In any case, Henry will always be No. 1 in our hearts.

Wyatt and fellow Titans reporter Turron Davenport dug up more statistics on another Tennessee player who, unlike Henry, still has plenty to prove this season: Julio Jones.

The fact that Jones clocked in at a whopping 20.9 mph (for reference, Usain Bolt maxed out at about 27 mph) probably means his leg is doing just fine.

His end zone production, not so much.

Since joining Tennessee this offseason, Jones brought the drama but left his end zone scoring abilities back at Atlanta. In two games in 2021, he posted nine catches on 14 targets for 157 receiving yards, which gives him a nearly-career-high 17.4 average yards per reception. That score column remains a big fat zero, though.

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Part of the reason lies in Tennessee’s lack of a threatening passing offense. The Titans beat Seattle because of one man, and one man only. Ryan Tannehill continues to serve as the bland white toast kind of quarterback that won’t lose games for Tennessee, but can’t win them either.

Tannehill, Jones, and fellow wideout A.J. Brown will need to work together to be more efficient in the passing game. Otherwise, Jones will just be wasting his breath running 21 mph downfield.

Numbers are just numbers and come Week 3, we’ll get a better sense of what each Tennessee Titans player can bring to the field in a testy matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.