Tennessee Titans: McNair, George among 2022 Hall of Fame nominees

Steve McNair #9, Eddie George #27, Tennessee Oilers Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyo
Steve McNair #9, Eddie George #27, Tennessee Oilers Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyo /

Wow. What a backfield that was! As we enter a weekend where every Tennessee Titans fan is pumped about paying homage to the Houston Oilers, two former Oilers/Titans got a nice nod recently.

Let’s back up for a second. To tell this story correctly, we have to give some of you youngsters some background info.

The Houston Oilers selected Steve McNair with the third-overall selection of the 1995 NFL Draft. Then, one year later, they decided to strengthen their running game. Eddie George was taken with the 14th-overall selection of the 1996 NFL Draft.

McNair was fleet of foot in those days and is still one of those dual-threat quarterbacks that one has to mention as the original models that paved the way for Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick before him. There’s an old saying though.

A quarterback’s best friend is a strong running game, and for the Titans organization, looking back on both of those decisions leads any die-hard football fan to the same conclusion. The draft is a crapshoot, but Houston made two decisions that worked out pretty well.

Two beloved Tennessee Titans are one step closer to football immortality.

September 22nd was an awesome day, especially if you’ve been here for the entire ride as the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Oilers and, eventually, changed their names to the Titans.

As Houston Oilers Tribute Week rolls on, 2021 Houston Oilers Reunion Weekend approaches. That will culminate with former Oilers head coach “Bum” Phillips being added to the Titans/Oilers Ring of Honor during Week 3’s game.

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That’s not all though. Those George and McNair fellas have had a very big week too. They’re among the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022 nominees. They spent eight seasons together in Houston, Memphis, and eventually Tennessee (1996-2003). How fitting would it be if they achieved football immortality together too, albeit posthumously for McNair?

Congratulations are in order for George, his family, and the McNair family as well as a couple of other former Oilers/Titans who are on the list: fullback Lorenzo Neal, who spent the 1999 and 2000 season here, and Derrick Mason (1997-2004). He’s on the list too They’ve been Hall of Famers in the minds of Oilers/Titans fans forever. This would just make things official.