Tennessee Titans versus Seattle Seahawks: Bold predictions for Week 2

Ryan Tannehill #17, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Ryan Tannehill #17, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Ryan Tannehill #17, Tennessee Titans
Ryan Tannehill #17, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Be prepared for a shocker from the Tennessee Titans in Week 1.

At some point, hopefully, sooner than later, the Tennessee Titans will have put their opening weekend loss so far behind them that we’ll be talking about it as an outlier or one of those freak occurrences that happen from time to time. Maybe we’ll be so busy talking about where they’ll be seeded as the playoffs near that we won’t even think about it at all.

Who are we kidding? Those are the types of things that someone never forgets, especially not a sports fan.

Yes, it was one loss, but it’s the way that they lost that has people up in arms. The Titans didn’t do anything right, and even though no one likes losing, hard-fought losses are at least respectable losses. No one’s feeling good about what happened in Week 1, nor should they, but again, it’s one game in a 17-game season. There’s plenty of time to right the ship.

One day, we’ll call our other friends who are Titans fans, and we’ll talk about where we were when Tennessee fell on opening weekend to the Arizona Cardinals at home. Then again, we may not. Maybe it’s just fresh right now. Still, there is and always has been one way to rid one’s mouth of something bitter though, and that’s by tasting something sweet.

Nothing’s sweeter than victory. Can Tennessee get back in the win column in Week 2? They’re facing another difficult task in the Seattle Seahawks. Here are four bold predictions for the game.