Tennessee Titans vs Seattle: Seahawks expert shares their weaknesses

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The Tennessee Titans get their third shot at Russell Wilson.

Titan Sized: What’s the opinion of Russell Wilson from Hawks fans after an uncomfortable offseason? Why isn’t he getting more MVP votes or constant attention?

I think the 12s are still very happy with Russell Wilson as he has been so successful and simply seems like a genuinely decent human being. This offseason was a bit different as Wilson had never really spoken outwardly about his frustrations with getting hit so much.

This did seem to be driven by his agent, Mark Rodgers, though, so most of the dislike about the situation from 12s has been directed at Rodgers and not Wilson.

It is a bit crazy to think that Wilson hasn’t gotten an MVP vote but yet linebacker Bobby Wagner has (deservedly so). There are probably a couple of reasons for this.

Early in Wilson’s career, Seattle ran the ball a lot more and the Seahawks offense wasn’t really designed to showcase a quarterback. In the last few years, especially 2020, Wilson has gotten off to tremendous starts but then not been great late in the year. When it comes to MVP voting, it’s more of how a player finishes and Wilson just has finished strong. Hopefully, this season, with a new offensive coordinator, things will be different.