Tennessee Titans news: NFL Analysts ask if this team is a fraud

Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Image pool)
Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Image pool) /

Welcome to the world of the national media. It just comes with the territory. After reaching the AFC  Championship Game to cap the 2019-2020 NFL season and after winning their division one year ago, the Tennessee Titans are dealing with something they haven’t dealt with in quite some time, expectations.

These days, everything your favorite team does is under the microscope. Tennessee is among the favorites to represent the American Football Conference in the next Super Bowl. Now, it’s obvious that the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs will have something to say about that, but there’s also no reason to believe that, on the right day or evening, the Titans can’t get past those guys.

At least there was no reason to do so until the past week. Tennessee got smacked around in their season opener, a game that was played in the friendly confines of Nissan Stadium, and now, everyone, and we do mean everyone has taken notice.

Now there are questions about whether or not head coach Mike Vrabel has a personal vendetta with Julio Jones and whether or not this team is for real. Recently, the debate reached the First Take desk on ESPN.

Are the Tennessee Titans frauds?

A little earlier this week ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, Bart Scott, and Marcus Spears tackled the subject of whether or not the Titans and Bills were frauds. Smith laments that he believes the Titans, even now, will win the division, but he questions how successful they’ll be versus the AFC’s heavyweights.

Spears questions why we haven’t seen the team that we were expecting to see. Take a look at this one if you missed it live

Again, welcome to the world of being a contender and having everything analyzed. Tennessee’s defense is still a concern. The offense is already out of sync, but this can get better. Expect a difficult game versus the Seattle Seahawks, but also know that this will get turned around.

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Tennessee will be a factor at the season’s end. There are 16 more games and 17 more weeks for them to right the ship. They’re too smart, too well-coached, and too well-run for anything other than success to happen. They do need to figure out things quickly. A few more bad losses could be the difference between playing playoff games at home or on the road.