Tennessee Titans: Give Taylor Lewan kudos for one thing at least

Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

So, did anyone else wake up this morning feeling like you had just had a nightmare? Following a day in which Kyler Murray, Chandler Jones, and the Arizona Cardinals went Hulk Smash on the Tennessee Titans on both sides of the ball, there were no excuses. That’s a good thing and one of a few positives that Titans fans can hang their hats on.

You always want to see where your veterans’ heads are when things like this happen. After all, they’ll be the ones to guide the rookies through this. To their credit, there were no excuses. Take what we heard from one of the more vocal and emotional veterans on the roster if you need an example, Taylor Lewan,

Here’s what you want to hear from a Tennessee Titans vet following a bad loss.

Saying that Taylor Lewan had a bad day during Week 1’s game doesn’t quite do his performance justice (or injustice depending on what lens you’re looking from).

What happened to Lewan was a good old-fashioned rear-end whooping. He was beaten by the aforementioned Chandler Jones for two sacks en route to a five-sack performance by the Cardinals star. Lewan didn’t make any excuses. He stepped up, owned hos bad day, and held himself accountable.

Here’s something we lifted from Twitter:

"Got my ass kicked today, no way around that,… I let the team and the fans down. Thank you @chanjones55 for exposing me. It will only force me to get better."

It was short, succinct, and to the point. Then again, it would have to be on Twitter, wouldn’t it? Lewan owned his bad day, and good for him.

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At the end of the day, here’s the skinny. Taylor Lewan is still one of the best left tackles in the game. He crossed paths with another NFL star. One man beat another, but Lewan, as he says, will use this to get better. Look at the bright side. It’s better he has an off day now than in January.