Tennessee Titans game-by-game predictions for 2021 NFL season

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December 19th, 2021. 20. 12 PM CST. 17. 35. . 55.

Tennessee Titans versus Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 15

You can’t mention the word consistency from a football sense without bringing up the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve had three coaches since 1969… Three…

Ben Roethlisberger enters his 18th season as a member of the Black and Gold, and despite the implosion that we all witnessed at the end of the 2020-2021 season, there’s no reason that Pittsburgh has, all of a sudden, morphed into some Pennsylvanian version of the Detroit Lions.

Expect a slobber knocker in this one, a hard-fought game that ends with a close win for a Steelers team looking to keep pace or fend off the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens in a division that figures to be tight all year. Titans overall record: 10-4 (5-0 versus the AFC South)

. 7:20 PM CST. 42. . 26. 35. 20. December 23rd, 2021

Tennessee Titans versus San Francisco 49ers, Week 16

Okay, let’s do some inventory. If you’ve been keeping score and if the season plays out exactly as has been stated here, the Titans enter their third and final primetime affair of the regular-season campaign versus the San Francisco 49ers with an 0-2 record in primetime in 2021.

Fear not as Christmas will come early here. Like their games versus the Bills, Chiefs, and Saints, this one is at home, and trust and believe that a late-season cross-country trip for a West Coast team will truly be taxing before playing a team as physical as Tennessee is. Titans overall record: 11-4 (5-0 versus the AFC South)