Tennessee Titans game-by-game predictions for 2021 NFL season

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November 28th, 2021. 47. 12 PM CST. 30. 35. . 17.

Tennessee Titans versus New England Patriots, Week 12

Never accuse the New England Patriots of being boring. Had we been able to wager something on Tom Brady leaving and winning a Super Bowl in his first season with another team, Cam Newton spending a year in town, or Cam being beaten out for the starting quarterback position by a rookie quarterback from the Alabama Crimson Tide, we probably could have won a lot of money (or lost a lot of money depending on what your paradigm is).

This isn’t that Patriots team that we watched from 2002 to 2019 though. Don’t let the preseason fool you. Mac Jones has the ability. Bill Belichick still knows how to coach, but the 2021 regular season will, at times, be very humbling for Mac Jones.

Give the Titans the edge in this one. Titans overall record: 9-3 (4-0 versus the AFC South)

14. 52. 35. . . December 12th, 2021. 24. 12 PM CST

Tennessee Titans versus Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 14

The Titans, after a week off and some much-needed rest, meet the Jacksonville Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence for the second time in Week 14, and the result will be the same as it was in Week 5. Tennessee wins by ten. Titans overall record: 10-3 (5-0 versus the AFC South)