Tennessee Titans game-by-game predictions for 2021 NFL season

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The Tennessee Titans 2021 NFL season will give fans much to cheer about.

Well, it won’t be long now. The Tennessee Titans experienced both highs and lows in 2020. They rattled off an 11-5 regular-season record and entered the postseason as the AFC South Champions.

That ensured them a home playoff game which is exactly what they wanted after playing three playoff games on the road one year prior. Unfortunately, after reaching the AFC Championship Game at the tail-end of their 2019-2020 campaign, they went one and done in the postseason last January.

Hopefully, this season, they put it all together. To make long stories short, if you aren’t pumped, check your pulse. Here are game-by-game predictions for all 17 of the Titans’ games during the 2021 regular season.

31. 12 PM CST. 32. September 12th, 2020. 35. . 24.

Tennessee Titans versus Arizona Cardinals, Week 1

The Tennessee Titans are loaded on offense. So are the Arizona Cardinals. This one will come down to two defenses, both of which let their teams down much too often in 2020. In the end, Tennessee’s guys will make a few more plays than Arizona’s will.

Tennessee opens the 2021 campaign with a Week 1 victory. Titans overall record: 1-0 (0-0 versus the AFC South)

Update: Tennessee drops the season opener by a 38-13 margin.