Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk continues her outstanding tenure

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Before the 2021 NFL season officially kicks off, Tennessee Titans fans should take a moment to appreciate what a great owner they have. In case you are new to being a Titans fan or if you just need a refresher, Amy Adams Strunk is the daughter of the late, great Bud Adams who founded the Houston Oilers. In 2015, two years after his passing, Amy Adams Strunk became the owner of the Tennessee Titans.

Her first move was to bring Steve Underwood out of retirement to help provide stability and experience to a rudderless organization. The next move was to hire Jon Robinson as the Tennessee Titans GM who has been nothing short of being elite since taking the job in Nashville.

All she has done since then is be a very public and present figure in the community, overseen five straight winning seasons, poured money into the Titans locker room and training facilities, signed off on massive acquisitions like the Julio Jones trade, and the list goes on.

But why is she getting an appreciation post now?

What has Amy Adams Strunk done for the Tennessee Titans lately?

Well, since you asked, the reason for all of this comes from the fact that, on Wednesday, the Titans President and CEO Burke Nihill and the Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer Gil Beverly were on a conference call to update Titans fans on what the team has been up to behind the scenes.

To make long stories short, great things are happening.

If you want to get into the details, the team is continuing to support fellow Tennesseans (which didn’t always happen under Bud Adams who spent most of his time in Texas) by sending $50,000, supplies, and equipment to Waverly Central High School after their terrifying flood.

The Titans’ top brass also (finally) seems to have heard the complaints of fans and has decided to treat the team’s Ring of Honor with much more respect and dignity. Instead of looking like a bunch of student-made signs for seniors at a high school pep rally, here’s what Nihill detailed as the plan

"…move them down to the cinder block walls behind the lower bowl with some really well-done design… Even then, though, I don’t think that will be the final location. Our hope would be to find a Walk of Fame-type, Ring of Honor/Hall of Fame-style honor for our legends in a modified stadium/development, which would really give an opportunity for our fans to interact with whatever the memorials would be – the numbers, the players – on a 365-day (per year) basis."

Who did Nihill credit as the driving force behind these changes? You guessed it, Amy Adams Strunk.

Finally, there have been rumblings about some massive renovations that could be happening to Nissan Stadium and Joe Rexrode pointed out that Nihill mentioned these and that there may be something coming sooner than fans think:

Again, this is the mark of Amy Adams Strunk hearing what the fans want and making changes. For decades under Bud Adams and Tommy Smith, the stadium remained largely the same with little-to-no care being put into updating and upgrading the fan experience.

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Amy Adams Strunk is a woman of the people and she has given fans more winning seasons in her first 5 years than the previous owners did in the 13 years preceding that.

Call her Mrs. Amy, Mom, AAS, or whatever you want, but no matter what you call her, you better make sure you put some respect on that name because the Tennessee Titans have one of the best owners in the NFL.