3 Tennessee Titans starters who might underwhelm in 2021

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Bud Dupree, Tennessee Titans
Bud Dupree, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports) /

player. 35. . . . Bud Dupree, outside linebacker. 48

Tennessee Titans outside linebacker Bud Dupree

There are arguments that support and short-circuit this next statement, but what if Bud Dupree was the beneficiary of playing on the opposite side of the formation from T.J. Watt? Okay, let’s explore both sides of that.

There’s no way to ignore the fact that opposing offenses being forced to prepare for the Steelers defense and T.J. Watt benefits other players on the team. Still, no one can ignore the fact that Dupree’s presence on Pittsburgh’s roster precedes that of Watt’s by two seasons.

During that time, Dupree racked up 71 tackles and nine sacks. Those numbers include what he’s done in the postseason. Sure, there’s a bit of a spike in Bud’s stats after Watt’s arrival, but what’s the guy supposed to do? In what world are guys required to apologize for having great players as teammates?

Then again, some of you hate Kevin Durant and the path that he took to a title, so scratch that line. The long and the short of everything is this. Bud Dupree is fully capable of surviving in the NFL without T.J. Watt. His first two years in the league prove that. Still, doubt can creep in, especially when one has too much time on their hands.

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A lot is expected of Bud Dupree with this Tennessee Titans team. That’s why they gave him a five-year deal worth $82.5 million. Will he answer the call? Time will tell, but as he was in Pittsburgh, he’s surrounded with talent, so there’s a possibility that there won’t be anything to worry about, maybe.