Tennessee Titans roster: 3 Young prospects this team must make room for

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: George Walker/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: George Walker/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports) /
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Matt Barkley (14), Mekhi Sargent (38), Tennessee Titans
Matt Barkley (14), Mekhi Sargent (38), Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

player. 35. . . . Mehki Sargent, running back.

Tennessee Titans running back Mekhi Sargent must make the roster

Here’s a statement that some of you will agree with and others won’t. Right now, Mekhi Sargent is the second-best running back on the Tennessee Titans’ roster.

Sure, he went undrafted. Sure, Darrynton Evans is actually someone that this team invested draft capital into a season ago, someone the Titans would love to develop into their complement piece for Derrick Henry.

We all know that Brian Hill has a burst, Jeremy McNichols played well in the wake of unforeseen injuries a season ago, and Khari Blasingame has this team’s fullback position locked up. Still, let’s just say that you knew nothing about these guys and you watched the last three preseason games. Let’s just say that was all that you had to go on.

Was Sargent not better than Hill? Did he not distinguish himself as one of the better players on the field every time he was out there?

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In order for Sargent to make this team, he’d need to show consistent results on special teams and in pass protection, but again, if there were no numbers and no names on the back of the jerseys, everyone would say that this is the guy that looked the best during the preseason. That has to count for something.

Sometimes you have to look past whether a guy was drafted or not. Otherwise, why do we play preseason games in the first place?