Tennessee Titans versus Chicago Bears: Extremely bold predictions

Matt Nagy, Justin Fields (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports)
Matt Nagy, Justin Fields (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans
Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

Tennessee Titans win by three touchdowns

So, in conclusion, if our math is correct (and we believe that it is), Matt Barkley’s two touchdowns give Tennessee 14 points before we play a down. Let’s figure in two field goals by Sam Ficken, another TD drive that’s engineered by Logan Woodside. That puts us at about 27 points, which is right in line with what we’ve seen from this Tennessee Titans team over the course of the first two preseason games.

Tennessee’s defense has been lights out. As mentioned earlier, they held the Falcons and the Buccaneers to a field goal apiece. They should hold the Chicago Bears offense in check as well, seeing as how it’s one that, if history is any indication, could be prone to offensive droughts once the games begin to count against the win-loss total.

It’s doubtful that they’ll be as explosive as that of the Falcons or Bucs. Tennessee should coast in this one as they’ve coasted in the other two games, playing in front of the home crowd in the friendly confines of Nissan Stadium will aid them in that.

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This will be an almost flawless performance that’s fueled by both skill, well-oiled machines on offense and defense, and the emotions of a supportive fan base that didn’t get to attend games in 2020 as often as they would have liked.

Sure, it’s a preseason game. Ultimately, it won’t count, but if you’re not a little excited, you may want to check your pulse.