Tennessee Titans should sign veteran receiver before regular season

Golden Tate (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
Golden Tate (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

Let’s get one thing established. The Tennessee Titans are entering the 2021 NFL season with one of the most loaded offenses in the NFL. The stars do not need any introduction at this point, but it is not just them that make this offense special.

Their depth is solid, with Josh Reynolds as the third receiver and an emerging Chester Rogers impressing in the preseason, not to mention Mekhi Sargent showing promise as a legitimate backup for Derrick Henry.

The Titans aren’t perfect though, as the talent at receiver on this depth chart drops off after Rogers. There’s still hope that Dez Fitzpartick can improve before the season starts (he had a touchdown reception in the second preseason game), but he has not looked promising overall.

Signing a veteran receiver could pay dividends for the Tennessee Titans.

Any NFL team’s season has the potential to be ruined by injuries, but for the Titans, one player’s history should have them prepared for that possibility.

Julio Jones has proven to be injury-prone during his career and was out for nearly half of 2020’s season with one. When and if he goes down, the Titans are back to having one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL, and that’s a tough thought, knowing that it would be worse than the thin core that played last year.

A veteran depth receiver isn’t what is going to separate the Titans from the good and bad teams, but it would make Ryan Tannehill‘s life much easier if he had another weapon just in case one of their current contributors is unavailable, and for a team that is in win-now mode, the best course of action may not be going with someone who has only achieved greatness in the preseason.

Spending $1 million or less on a player won’t hurt a team financially, but a lack of talent can hurt the on-field product. Shoring up depth is a super easy fix, and the Titans have no excuses not to at least look into doing that by signing a veteran receiver.

Who could the Tennessee Titans target? When asking this question, one player immediately comes to mind, Golden Tate.  The Nashville native is still on the market and even said he would consider signing to play in his home city.

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Another one to keep in mind is Kenny Stills.  He has played with Tannehill in the past, and he even once indicated that renewing that connection is something he would not rule out. The last idea is a long shot, but why not reach out to Larry Fitzgerald?  The worst that happens is he just says no, right?

The bottom line is that the Titans could benefit from an additional receiver, it would cost them absolutely nothing, and they have opportunities to acquire one.