Tennessee Titans rookie power rankings after 1st preseason game

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Tennessee Titans rookie power rankings

Before this starts, there needs to be an understanding of what the Tennessee Titans rookie power rankings are.

This isn’t a reactionary list of who the best players are going to be based on one preseason game. Instead, this list is going to serve as a jumping-off point for the careers of these rookies.

Over the last four months, Tennessee Titans fans and analysts have gone back and poured over cut-ups of these players in college, analyzed athletic testing numbers, listened to comments from draft experts, and seen them go out and put up weeks and weeks of work in training camp.

This list is going to combine all of that information along with the value of where the player was selected and the long-term outlook of these rookies and rank them from best to worst.

For example, last year the top spot in power rankings like this would have gone to Kristian Fulton in August, but by December Teair Tart might have been at the top of the power rankings. That is because last year you could argue that the Tennessee Titans got as much production from Tart as they had gotten out of Fulton, but as an UDFA, Tart was a much better value.

With that in mind, here are the first power rankings for the Tennessee Titans 2021 rookie class.