NFL Power Ranking: Titans top AFC South after preseason’s first week

Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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NFL Power Rankings: Number 23, Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are wildly entertaining. Seriously, it’s the freaking Raiders. It doesn’t matter where they are (Oakland, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas) and no matter how you feel about them, the National Football League isn’t the National Football League if they don’t exist.

Unfortunately, the familiar scowl and growl of Jon Gruden haven’t produced the same level of excellence as his first tenure with the team. Maybe it’s because they snatched their general manager, Mike Mayock, from the NFL Network. Maybe it’s because Gruden has lost his touch.

Then again, it could just be that they need the second coming of Rich Gannon to occur. Whatever the case, here’s the skinny. This is one of the league’s best fan bases, and they deserve so much more.

NFL Power Rankings: Number 22, Chicago Bears

Maybe you saw the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins tilt on the NFL Network? If you did, you were treated to what we’ve come to expect from the Bears, good defense. The question now is this. Should this team roll with Justin Fileds or Andy Dalton under center?

Regardless of what your opinion is on that, it’s hard to argue that this would be a team that’s ready to snatch the AFC North away from the mighty Green Bay Packers. They’re probably sick of hearing that as the Bears and Packers are still one of football’s greatest rivalries, but as nasty as the games can be between those two, here’s where the NFC North is headed.

The Pack will win the division again. They’ll be followed by the Bears or the Minnesota Vikings, and the Detroit Lions, as usual, will wind up in the NFC North’s cellar.