NFL Power Ranking: Titans top AFC South after preseason’s first week

Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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NFL Power Rankings: Number 27, Philadelphia Eagles

It’s hard to get excited about the Philadelphia Eagles for multiple reasons. They have questions about their quarterback. The word league-wide, even though no one says this publicly, is everyone is concerned about whether or not Nick Sirianni was the right hire as their head coach. The roster is aging and injury-prone at too many of the important positions. They’re young and inexperienced at others.

Some are excited about Philly and believe that they’re going to be better than people are thinking, but that was said last season as well. If you’ll remember, the Eagles finished the regular season with a 4-11-1 record. How about we do this? Let’s table this discussion until we’ve seen this team play one or two games.

NFL Power Rankings: Number 26, Cincinnati Bengals

Like the Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals finished the 2020-2021 regular season with a 4-11-1 record. There’s no way to prove this. The next statement is simply a guess, but it feels like this team could have won another game, maybe two had Joe Burrow finished the season.

This is a young team that figures to get better, but they need a coach, one not named Zac Taylor. For now, however, it’s hard to argue that this team will finish ahead of any of the other three teams in the AFC North.