Tennessee Titans: Taylor Lewan is attempting to do something superhuman

Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images)
Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images) /

When people say things like “the band is getting back together”, these are the types of things that they’re discussing. The facts for the Tennessee Titans and every other NFL team will always include the following theory. Injuries are unavoidable. The hope is however that if there’s an emergency, young guys can step up.

In 2020, the injury bug bit the Tennessee Titans pretty hard. Rookies battled more than their fair share of bruises and scrapes (Kristian Fulton. Darrynton Evans, and Larrell Murchison). Veterans like Taylor Lewan had some bad things happen as well.

What Tennessee Titans star Taylor Lewan is doing is superhuman.

Lewan’s injury involved something that always raises the antenna, a serious knee injury. Had he not torn his ACL, he would have been in line to reach a fourth straight Pro Bowl. Thankfully for the Tennessee Titans, those guys are all back at camp and working.

Again, Lewan is coming off of a serious injury, but he’s a competitor. He isn’t using that as an excuse. He’s just as hard on himself as he would have been if he was able to undertake the entire 2020-2021 regular season and be healthy. Following the Titans tenth practice at training camp, he told the NFL Network “I was a pylon out there… Absolute trash”.

No one would call Lewan trash. Still, you can definitely see why he’s been so successful to this point of his NFL career.

If you’ve never had an ACL tear, hang your hat on this next statement. It can take a year in some cases for the person working through it to get back to full strength. That’s true if you aren’t playing football at the game’s highest level. Lewan’s injury occurred in October. Ten months later, he’s back on the field. That isn’t just something that we should gloss over.

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The guy’s an alien, so if you love Titans football, you should feel fortunate. He’s on your side. The 2021-2022 regular season will be a phenomenal one for Taylor Lewan. Expect great things. Expect a bounceback season. Heck, if he stays healthy, we’ll take it a step further. Expect him to notch another Pro Bowl nod, his fourth, as he prepares for 17 games of clearing holes for Derrick Henry and keeping Ryan Tannehill upright.