Tennessee Titans who will play surprisingly well in 2021

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /
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Rashad Weaver, Tennessee Titans
Rashad Weaver, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Mark Humphrey/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports) /

. . Rashad Weaver, outside linebacker. 99. player. 35.

Rashad Weaver, outside linebacker, first season

Unfortunately for Rashad Weaver, whether for or unfair, it’s hard to see a guy enter the NFL with the negative pub and baggage that this man has received and not think about phrases like character concerns. Here’s the thing though. The Tennessee Titans haven’t given up on this guy, and no one in the legal system has decided about his guilt or his innocence, so until that happens, all we can assume is that he’ll be on the field for Tennessee in 2021.

If and when that happens, opposing defenses are going to be stressed when it’s time to prepare for this guy during the weeks leading up to games and then match up against him on gamedays.

This should be a phenomenal first-year run for not only Weaver but for his fellow rookie defensive teammate, Monty Rice, as well. Tennessee may have gotten a steal with this guy in Round 4.

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They’re hoping, for several different reasons, that he sticks around for a while. An ACL injury ended his 2019 college football season, but he appears to be passed that. Make sure you put an asterisk by his name and pay attention to what he’s doing during the Titans’ three preseason games this Summer.