Top-10 Tennessee Titans on Madden 22 based on overall rating

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit:USA TODAY Sports image pool
Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit:USA TODAY Sports image pool /

As a Tennessee Titans fan, there are several reasons for you to be pumped about the new NFL season in 2021. Tennessee has one of the best rosters in the NFL, and though there have been some discrepancies about whether or not that should thrust them into the category of being one of the top teams in the NFL among pundits, this will again be a forced to be reckoned with in the AFC.

The question is are they ready to do battle with the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs of the world? Regardless of where you stand on that, count on the two-tone blue to be a factor again during the coming season, on the NFL playing field, and on EA’s Madden 22 game.

Here are the top ten Tennessee Titans on Madden based on ranking.

The top ten Tennessee Titans on Ea’s Madden game are listed below. Here’s a little feedback as well.

1. Derrick Henry (96): Okay, how is Derrick Henry not a member of the 99 Club? And, how is Christian Mccaffrey ranked higher, especially after the injury?

2. Julio Jones (95): Speaking of injuries, last season, Julio Jones‘ body let him down often. It doesn’t seem to have affected his status as one of the best on the game this year.

3. Kevin Byard (88): If you’re wondering who the third-best player on the Titans roster based on Madden rankings is, it’s Kevin Byard. 88 sounds about right for this young star, but he’s a 90 or above in our book.

4. Ryan Tannehill (87): The analysis of Ryan Tannehill is split right down the middle, and it appears that the rating adjusters agree with that sentiment. Like Byard, QB1 is a 90 in our book.

5. A.J. Brown (86): We’d rank him a little higher. If Julio is a 95, A.J. Brown should at least be a 90, but hey what are you going to do?

6. Brett Kern (85): One of the best punters in the NFL is also one of the best punters on Madden 21. Well deserved.

7. Rodger Saffold (85): It would seem as though a unit that protects at an all-star level during passing plays and blocks on running plays with the same relative ease would be ranked higher across the board, but at least these guys aren’t being given failing grades.

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8. Taylor Lewan (85): Taylor Lewan is one of the best left tackles in the game, period. You’d like to see him ranked higher.

9. Rashaan Evans (84): What do 260 total tackles over the course of your first 47 regular-season games buy you? How about a rating of 84? Maybe it’s the lack of sacks that are a problem here?

10. Jeffery Simmons (83): Again, here’s someone we’d place higher. Still, if you’re looking to blow up a few running plays, put Jeffery Simmons in a few more sub-packages.