Tennessee Titans star added to unique list of elite players

Ben Jones #60, A.J. Brown #11, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Ben Jones #60, A.J. Brown #11, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

Let’s get this out of the way immediately. This is very important if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan. The NFL Superstar Club doesn’t really exist. It’s an invention of NFL.com’s Dan Hanzus. We’re sorry to break the news to you.

It includes the best players in the league (in Hanzus’ opinion of course) who have earned the nonexistent rights and privileges of being a ‘superstar’”

Hanzus points this out unashamedly:

"Every July, I survey the NFL landscape, comb through game tape, study stat lines, absorb advanced analytics and consider beat scribe speculation to give you, the reader, a pristine and unassailable accounting of every player who has reached the most rarefied of air: superstar status. These gifted players are granted entry to my entirely fake establishment, The Superstar Club."

But even though the club is about as real as the giant’s house atop a beanstalk, it’s still nice to see a Tennessee Titan make the fictitious exclusive list. Two Titans have already gained entry based on their dominant performances in years past: Derrick Henry and Julio Jones. No one should be surprised.

But the new kid on the block is A.J. Brown, who takes the place of Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. (The rules of this club: for every new player that gains access, an existing one gets kicked out. Fanciful rules for a fake club.)

After two sensational seasons have catapulted him into stardom, Brown now earns a VIP ticket into what, I repeat, is a fake exclusive club.

A.J. Brown is the newest Tennessee Titans player to join NFL Superstar Club

At just 24 years old, Brown can already boast two 1,000-yard seasons at Tennessee. His 90.5 PFF grade is tied for fourth-best among all wideouts. He’s what Hanzus called a “YAC monster,” recording 432 yards after the catch last year. He’s roughly averaging 6.2 yards per reception, which tops wide receivers with at least 80 targets.

Only one player can match Brown’s impressive level of play in the past few seasons, and that’s fellow club member Tyreek Hill. The two each have nine touchdowns of 40-plus yards since 2019, the most in the NFL in that span.

Brown simply hasn’t won as many achievements as Hill because, well, to state the obvious, Ryan Tannehill is no Patrick Mahomes. With superstars Brown and Jones lined up for 2021, though, Tennessee could have its most successful season yet.

Brown led the Titans in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns last season, but now that he’s sharing duties with Jones, Brown may not be the No. 1 pass target anymore.

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It’s no matter. The receiver threat duo of Brown and Jones will be ready to terrorize teams come game time, and they can both flash their imaginary “Superstar Club” badges as they run by defenses and score touchdowns.