Tennessee Titans schedule: 4 Games that could decide their season

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Tennessee Titans
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Tennessee Titans 2021-2022 NFL season, Week 7, Kansas City Chiefs

This is a good time to be a Tennessee Titans fan, but if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you have to be ecstatic about the possibilities. K.C. has the best signal-caller in the biz, a future Hall of Fame Coach in Andy Reid, an exceptional coaching staff, and talent all over the place.

Ask any fan base, and they’ll tell you that if they were told they’d appear in two Super Bowls in two consecutive seasons and win one of them, they’d sign up for that in a second. That’s what life looks like for a Chiefs fan right now. Oh, and here’s something else to consider.

Potential dynasties come and go in the NFL. There are several examples of teams that we thought could tack on another Super Bowl or two. Remember the Legion of Boom? The Chiefs are a different animal though. If Patrick Mahomes and company don’t tack on another Lombardi Trophy, questions will be asked forever about what happened.

Much is expected of this Tennessee Titan team, but we’ll know how good they are before the first half of their schedule is over. If Tennessee wants to represent the American Football Conference in the next Super Bowl, they may have to go through K.C., and in all honesty, there’s a chance that they may play them twice to do so.