Tennessee Titans WR Cameron Batson is battling a numbers game

Cameron Batson, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
Cameron Batson, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

For someone who was once a former undrafted rookie, Cameron Batson has already done more than what’s expected of most guys who entered the NFL in the same position. When the draft time rolls around, every NFL team, including the Tennessee Titans expect those Day 1 and Day 2 guys to play key roles moving forward. Guys taken in Round 4 and Round 5 are thought of as crapshoots. Everyone taken in Round 6 or Round 7 falls under the category of bonus pickups.

If they work out, that’s great. If they don’t, no one is too terribly surprised. Batson, despite being someone that could have easily been left off of the roster, has had quite the roller-coaster ride already.

Might Tennessee Titans WR Cameron Batson fall victim to the numbers game?

Batson made the Tennessee Titans’ initial 53-man roster as a rookie and has since seen everything from the waiver wire to the injured reserve. So far, his career totals look like this: 23 games with three starts, 20 receptions on 24 targets, 182 receiving yards, 12 receptions that have resulted in a first down and a touchdown.

Sure, for some of the game’s best, that stat line looks like something they’d produce during a two or three-game stretch, but again, when you consider where Batson was taken, he’d done just about as well as one might hope.

Every year presents a challenge in one form or another if you’re the undrafted guy, and in Batson’s case, making the roster will again be tough. It feels like Corey Davis’ departure opened the door some, but the addition of Josh Reynolds in free agency, Dez Fitzpatrick in the NFL Draft, and the trade that brought Julio Jones complicates things.

Batson has been one of the guys to get excited about during OTAs, but guys were missing too. The Tennessee Titans currently have 13 wide receivers on the roster. We know three guys are four guys are shoo-ins for roster spots (A.J. Brown, Julio Jones, Josh Reynolds, and Dez Fitzpatrick).

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If Tennessee keeps six guys at the position, which is a very real possibility, Batson will have a tough hill to climb to make the roster. He provides added value because he can contribute as a returner, so Tennessee may keep him around for that reason, but don’t be surprised if a fan favorite isn’t on the roster by the time the Tennessee Titans start preparing for the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1.