Tennessee Titans, AFC South earn average mention in recent QB ranking

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)
Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images) /

The Tennessee Titans are really carrying the weight of the AFC South here. Adam Schein of NFL.com recently ranked the eight NFL divisions based on quarterback efficiency, placing Ryan Tannehill and his three other fellow AFC South QBs squarely at fifth place.

It’s an interesting ranking method for sure, and Schein delves deeper into the potential quarterback battles a-brewing in the AFC South.

Here’s some of his clarification for why the AFC South is ranked where it is:

"This is not an overriding power ranking of the divisions. It’s a rundown of how the league’s eight foursomes stack up when it comes to the game’s marquee position."

Brushing aside Deshaun Watson, Schein favors Texans QB Tyrod Taylor as the man who will wind up taking the starting snaps this season. He’s a solid veteran signal-caller who is best known for the role he’s played recently in developing young quarterbacks.

In 2018, he took Baker Mayfield under his wing at Cleveland, and last year, he did the same with Justin Herbert at Los Angeles with the Chargers.

in 2021, Taylor will be looking to patch up Houston’s legacy and reputation after the warpath Watson left behind. His 24-21-1 starting record won’t come close to touching Watson’s Pro Bowl seasons, though.

Trevor Lawrence is “one of the greatest quarterback prospects in NFL history”, but you don’t need Schein to tell you that. Jacksonville has sky-high hopes for him under Urban Meyer, and according to his draft profile, he’s the perfect prototype of a modern franchise quarterback. With his pocket-passing abilities, dual-threat athleticism, and even his calm demeanor, Lawrence has fans hyping him up over more veteran quarterbacks.

Tennessee Titans: AFC South takes fifth in division QB rankings

The least-hyped and maybe least-liked quarterback in the AFC south goes by the name Carson Wentz. Wentz’s atrocious last season with Philly brings down the quarterback score of this group as a whole, and yes, it is all his fault. Schein believes Wentz can be “reborn” with Frank Reich and an improved offensive roster in Indianapolis, but right now, the only thing certain about Wentz’s future career is that it’s uncertain.

Last but definitely not least, our very own Ryan Tannehill. Schein has nothing but praise for the Tennessee Titans QB: in two seasons, Tannehill has recorded passer ratings above 105 and taken the Titans to the playoffs twice. His first year on Tennessee saw him earn Pro Bowl honors when he completed 70 percent of his passes and threw for 22 touchdowns. He’s the real deal.

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Forget about Miami. Elite pass-targets Julio Jones and A.J. Brown exponentially raise the Tennessee Titans’ stock and all but guarantee another successful season for Tannehill. Ranked far above the AFC South are the likes of Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson in the uber-competitive NFC West, as well as Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert in the AFC West. West may reign supreme for now, but Tannehill and the AFC South QBs can give them (and NFL game viewers) a run for their money.