Tennessee Titans fans can expect Pro Bowl season from Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan #77, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Taylor Lewan #77, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Okay, first thing’s first. How do you guys feel about that title? It’s not too much, is it? Overstated? Presumptuous? Hey, it’s been a huge offseason for the Tennessee Titans, and after watching this team win a division title in 2020 with so many guys they thought they’d lean on sitting on the shelf, there’s room for optimism.

Last season, the Titans watched a lot of important guys limp off of the field or sit on the sideline in street clothes (or both) including three-time Pro Bowl nod Taylor Lewan. He missed all but the first five games of the 2020 season after suffering a torn ACL.

At the time of this story being written and published, he still isn’t cleared medically. He will be though, and when he is, everyone had better watch out. Titans fans are in for something special.

Tennessee Titans fans are in for a Pro Bowl season out of Taylor Lewan.

Things couldn’t have gotten off to a better start for this Scottsdale, Arizona native. After a collegiate career at Michigan that earned the young man two First-team All-American nods (2012, 2013), three First-team All-Big Ten nominations (2011–2013), and two Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year nods (2012, 2013), Lewan was taken 11th-overall in Round 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Lewan was added to the Pro Football Writer’s of America’s All-Rookie Team following his rookie campaign. Since that time, he’s earned three Pro Bowl nods, but he hasn’t found his way onto the NFL’s All-Star Team since the 2018 campaign. That should change this season.

With three primetime games, the Tennessee Titans will plenty of opportunity to show off Derrick Henry and that famed running game of theirs. That bodes well for Lewan as does the fact that Ryan Tannehill spends a lot of time in the upright position.

Following a poll by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, one in which he spoke with more than 50 league executives, coaches, NFL scouts, and players, Lewan cracked Fowler’s ranking of the game’s ten best offensive tackles at number seven. One NFL offensive line coach went so far as to call him “nasty”. That’s a compliment when discussing O-linemen if you’re unaware.

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Lewan’s mean streak, one that Tennessee Titans fans have grown to love, and his natural ability equal two things. Tennessee will again lay claim to one of the most physical offenses in the NFL, and they’ll put up huge passing and rushing numbers.

All of that means the man charged with protecting Ryan Tannehill‘s blindside and helping to clear holes for Derrick Henry is in for a big season. Don’t be shocked if it ends with another trip for Lewan to the Pro Bowl. Let’s just hope that he won’t need to play in it if you catch the drift.