4 Tennessee Titans bandwagons to hop on other than Julio Jones

Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans (2) Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports Images
Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans (2) Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports Images /
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The Tennessee Titans signal-caller continues to get disrespected.

Even as Tennessee Titans supporters, you have to admit that some of the fans’ claims that this team is underhyped and unappreciated by the national media are a tad absurd. When you get to topics of conversation like Mike Vrabel, Jon Robinson, and Ryan Tannehill, even the most level-headed and partial fan can understand where those claims come from.

Seriously, when is Mike Vrabel going to be mentioned among the other great coaches more regularly? Why is it that more people aren’t stating that Ryan Tannehill is finally in the right situation and evolving into one of the game’s better signal-callers?

It’s an atrocity! That’s what it is! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. This offense wasn’t doing much before Tannehill took over, and now, with the best supporting cast that he’s ever had, fans can expect fireworks. He may not be as naturally gifted as Aaron Rodgers or able to run past people like Lamar Jackson, but this guy can get the job done. He’s shown that.

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There’s an old saying that states teams’ most popular players are their backup quarterbacks. That may not be the case in Nashville. You know how this works. Quarterbacks get too much of the blame sometimes when things don’t go right. They get too much credit when things go well. Expect a few more cheers for this young man if the Tennessee Titans begin to look like real contenders, especially if they do so early.