What Tennessee Titans fans must remember from recent Julio Jones take

Julio Jones (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Julio Jones (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Well, if you’ve been watching the NFL for a while, you’ve gotten a fairly good grasp of how these things work. A team with as much talent or as many expectations as the Tennessee Titans have had heaped upon them recently can’t just go out and trade for a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and not expect for that to be a conversation all Summer.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Tennessee traded their second-round selection in the 2022 NFL Draft along with their fourth-round selection in 2023 to the Atlanta Falcons for Julio Jones and a sixth-round selection in 2023.

Call it a crazy hunch, but it’s doubtful that the Titans would have found a player, particularly a wideout of Jones’s caliber in the second or fourth round of any NFL Draft. Can you see why everyone’s so excited about this guy now?

One recent take on the Tennessee Titans star drops a few nuggets worth reading.

So, if you’re like most Tennessee Titans fans, Sundays can be spent perusing the web while looking for some content. Here’s something that should definitely be given a mention. NFL.com’s Adam Rank dropped a few lines on the state of the Titans as we enter the 2021 campaign.

Julio got a mention. Yeah, big surprise right? There’s a lot of good stuff in this one. You have to give it a read for yourselves, but here are three of the highlights in relation to their newest superstar.

1. This tweet will never get old!

As Rank points out, there’s a lot more to getting a trade of this magnitude to happen than dropping a few tweets, but here’s one we’ll never forget from A.J. Brown. If Emmys were given out for stuff like this, he’d have to be nominated.

2. If this guy is healthy, this is going to be fun.

Everyone’s hoping that Julio’s recovered from the injuries he battled last season, injuries that knocked him out of Atlanta’s final four games and out of seven games total. Rank shared a few thoughts on the matter as you might expect. Paraphrasing him here wouldn’t do the next statement any justice. You have to see this one for yourselves.

"I know a lot of people wonder what Jones might have left in the tank, considering he missed seven games to injury last season. But in the nine games he did play, the guy racked up 771 receiving yards, earning a top-15 WR grade from PFF in the process. And I think he’ll have a huge impact filling in for some of the Titans’ key losses this offseason."

Well said sir! That brings us to a well-thought-out finish.

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3. Dare we say Jonnu Smith’s replacement was a wide receiver?

No one was excited in knowing that Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith would be forced to play ball somewhere else in 2021, but the hope was the Tennessee Titans would find suitable replacements in the draft that followed their departure.

Not everyone is a fan of Dez Fitzpatrick yet but fear not. He’ll be fun to watch. As far as the tight end position goes, the Titans may not have taken one during the selection meeting, but Anthony Firkser has some juice. Tennessee also added Miller Foristall and Briley Moore as undrafted free agents, but has anyone stopped to think that the production they lost by letting Smith walk could be recouped with Jones’ addition?

Here’s how Rank sees things.

"(Smith) scored eight touchdowns last year before signing with the Patriots in March. I think Julio will pick up the slack here because I believe Tennessee will make a concerted effort to target him in the red zone, something Atlanta failed to do over the past decade. That was a major point of contention for Falcons fans and Fantasy enthusiasts."

There may not be a better way to end this one than with that statement. Kick your feet up Titans fans! This could exceed our imaginations. No one will complain if it will.