Tennessee Titans: Caleb Farley makes huge purchase, for someone else

Caleb Farley #3, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Caleb Farley #3, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

If you’ve ever had a penchant for dreaming big, one of the first things you probably thought about, whether you’re a Tennessee Titans fan or anyone else, is what you’d do if suddenly hit the lottery or stumbled upon a treasure map that leads you to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Isn’t that one of the reasons that we all watched Cribs on MTV?

On one hand, it just felt like you were watching something inspiring, something that fired you up and made you want to wake up a little earlier in the morning to see if you could add another zero to your bank account’s balance. There was also that satisfaction you had for your curiosity.

What do the wealthy do with their disposable income? Where do they live? What kind of cars do they drive? Well, Tennessee Titans rookie Caleb Farley allowed a few cameras into his inner circle as he unveiled his first major purchase since joining the elite status of first-round rookie draftees who are about to embark on what they hope will be long careers.

Tennessee Titans rookie Caleb Farley’s first major purchase is for someone else.

Without even playing a down in the NFL, Titans rookie Caleb Farley went to bed on April 28th, woke up a day later, and found out he had a few more fans in Nashville than he did in March. That’s what happens when the Tennessee Titans make you the 22nd-overall selection of the 2021 NFL Draft.

We’ve discussed what he did at Virginia Tech, how high he might have been taken had injuries hadn’t have been a concern, and, of course, what the expectations are for his rookie campaign. Thanks to the NFL’s sliding scale for rookie draftees, we gathered he’s set to earn about $13.4 million over the course of the next four seasons. Has anyone else thought about what he did with some of the money?

Well, here’s a clue. Those stories about him being unselfish have some credence. With his first major public purchase, he decided to do something nice for someone that’s been a fan of this young man long before the rest of us knew who he was.

He decided to surprise his grandmother with a new car. Take a look.

Now, being a fan of a guy because he hauls in an interception to give your favorite team some momentum is one thing, but stories like these are so much more fun to tell aren’t they?

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Great job Mr. Farley. The draft scouts told most of us that you were special, but this is truly extraordinary. Don’t look now, but fans of the two-tone blue have yet another reason to cheer for their first-round draft choice.